RACQ backs Queenslanders

A look back on a year like no other when RACQ continued to stand by its members and their communities.

RACQ stood shoulder to shoulder with its members to meet the challenges and personal hardships endured during 2020.

In a year that started with a devastating summer of bushfires and the continued impacts of drought, no one could have forecast the devastating pandemic which continues to have such a profound influence on our lives.

More recently we have seen thousands of Queenslanders affected by severe storms. 

Through it all, RACQ has been a reliable supporter of its members and their communities, continuing to deliver services safely through the crisis.

RACQ responded quickly to members facing financial setbacks due to COVID-19 by setting up a hardship team to provide support. 

More than 3000 applications for hardship relief were approved in just a few months with support provided on more than 3400 individual product holdings, including pauses on insurance premium payments, delayed renewals and deferred payments on home and personal loans.

Supporting communities

The RACQ Foundation continued to respond to Queensland communities in need, providing financial assistance to organisations affected by natural disasters and delivering community assistance projects to regions in need.

Since RACQ launched the Foundation in 2011, more than $10.8 million has been made available to support Queensland communities. This year, the Foundation approved more than $1.1 million in grants to help 21 community groups impacted by extreme weather, drought, and COVID-19.

RACQ Foundation also provided $80,000 in funding to help organisations and charities deliver support services to vulnerable Queenslanders impacted by the pandemic, including Drought Angels, St Vincent de Paul Society, Churches of Christ and Uniting Care Queensland (which provides Lifeline). 

Volunteer assistance enabled the RACQ Foundation to deliver almost 300 meals for Meals on Wheels to individual Queensland residences, as well as 88,000 meals to Foodbank Queensland distribution points.

Changes for the better

RACQ is looking forward to the implementation of campaign commitments from the re-elected Labor Government which will benefit members and other motorists.

A major policy priority for the Club is the introduction of mandatory fuel price reporting which was promised by Labor and LNP during the election campaign.

RACQ has fought hard for real-time access to information about when and where to fill up, ensuring members can save the most amount of money.
RACQ also continued to be a strong advocate for road safety highlighted by its support of the “Set Your Phone And Leave It Alone” campaign.

The Club partnered with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission to deliver the state-wide education program aimed at reducing the dangerous practice of motorists using mobile phones while driving.

Aero medical sponsorship

The association between RACQ and delivering health services stretch back to its formation in 1905 when eight of the 18 founding members of the Automobile Club of Queensland were doctors who saw the automobile as a better way to get to patients.

That association continues to this day with the Club deepening its links with aero medical services by extending sponsorship to include a fleet of three LifeFlight air ambulance jets.

These jets quickly relocate patients from regional centres to higher-care medical facilities in cities, as well as being deployed internationally to medically repatriate sick or injured Australian travellers.

The sponsorship of RACQ LifeFlight, RACQ Capricorn Rescue and RACQ CQ Rescue, which deliver aero medical services across the state, was extended to 2024.

Benefits of membership

In 2019-20, the RACQ Group returned to members savings of $167.2 million through a range of discounts and benefits. This included $102.7 million in insurance premium loyalty discounts, $8.6 million in Puma fuel discounts and $5.6 million in theme park, attraction and movie ticket discounts.

The Group also delivered $7 million in savings for members through premium rate reductions and paused premium increases on motor vehicle insurance policies.

Belonging to RACQ helps you make the most of life in Queensland.

Your membership gives you more ways to save, with access to discounts and loyalty rewards, and we’re there when you really need us, with more help and advice 24/7.

And with 1.7 million members, together we make a difference supporting communities and making Queensland an even better place to live.