Ready player one

Fighting off hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, infiltrating secret military space stations and exploring ancient civilisations are all in a days’ work for the team at Zero Latency.

The virtual reality (VR) company, which recently opened its doors in Newstead, Brisbane, offers the latest in VR gaming to the masses.

Differing from standard VR where players remain mostly stationary, Zero Latency enables participants to move freely while gaming inside a ‘teched-out’ warehouse.

Here gamers play in a multiplayer VR arena, where they’re transported to alternative realities after being kitted out with an Oculus Rift VR Headset and backpack containing an Alienware laptop, which powers the three-dimensional gaming environment.

Players are also provided with headphones/microphones and a gun (depending on the game type) to complete the immersive experience and to communicate with team members.

Inside the game, players see each other as full-motion avatars, allowing them to inhabit the same area, which makes multiplayer scenarios a lot of fun and strategies essential.

Zero Latency co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Tim Ruse said VR was the future of entertainment.

“It’s a free-roam VR system where your body becomes the controller and you experience any digital world as you would in real-life,” he said.

“You can explore a space station, try an intense zombie survival game where you pit yourself against the undead, or a puzzle game where you explore an ancient ethereal world.”

Brisbane is the second Australian city in which Zero Latency has launched, with 12 other venues in countries around the world.

“We picked Brisbane as it has a young population who are very tech-savvy and is really becoming a tech-hub for Australia,” Mr Ruse said.

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