Serving the community

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The Wynnum and Manly District Meals on Wheels Association Incorporated is adding to more than 50 years of service to the community from of a new, state-of-the-art facility.

The association was formed in 1967 and has since served more than two million meals to the frail, aged and people with disabilities.

It operated out of a small kitchen behind the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre and moved into the new $4 million Wynnum and Manly District Meals on Wheels and Community Facility at 880 Manly Road, Wakerley, on 11 May 2020.

The new facility was built using money generated from a fundraising campaign that started in 1998.

The association thanks its many hundreds of sponsors for making construction of the new facility possible, particularly major sponsor Mr Bill McFarlane and the Wynnum Manly Marching Girls Association.

Architects Heathwood, Cardillo and Wilson were engaged to draw plans for the modern facility and oversaw its construction.

The facility incorporates public meeting facilities which can seat 150 people theatre-style, training aids worth more than $80,000 and modern tele-conferencing facilities. 

A modern, smaller kitchen enhances a large volunteer lounge area and auditorium.

Apart from the commercial Meals on Wheels kitchen, all facilities are available for hire.

A clubhouse underneath the building, which includes shower facilities, has been provided for Netball Queensland by Brisbane City Council along with six fully lit courts.

An annex is being built to house a 21-seat mini-bus together with a vegetable prep area, laundry and freezers serving the main kitchen.

The facility uses a 20Kw solar power system and can store 150,000 litres of harvested water. It is planned to include a fast-charging facility for electric vehicles.
The new facility, which has adequate car-parking available, provides a much more welcoming service to the community.

Wynnum and Manly District Meals On Wheels is the First Service in Qld to have already installed an Electric Charger Facility at a Meals on Wheels Facility for charging E/V’s  This is a great First and is probably the first installed at any  Meals on Wheels Service in Australia.