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Members’ Voice allows participants to provide feedback on new and current RACQ products, services, community interests, financial wellbeing and experiences with the Club, marketing campaigns and many more topics.

Last month we asked Members’ Voice participants to share their views on electric vehicles and sustainability to provide valuable input as RACQ looks to the future. 

More than 350 members completed the short survey and more than 60% indicated they were interested in or plan to get an electric vehicle in the future.

The main reasons were to reduce personal impacts on the environment, CO2 emissions and reliance on fuel and an interest in new technologies.

Interestingly, members said there were currently significant barriers holding them back from considering electric vehicles, the top reasons being:

  • 71%: Electric vehicles too expensive compared with internal combustion engine models;
  • 58%: Not enough public chargers;
  • 45%: Not enough chargers available at work or other destinations like hotels;
  • 38%: Electric vehicles don’t have enough range;
  • 34%: Cannot use electric vehicles for tasks like off-roading and towing;
  • 32%: Recharge time of 15-30 minutes on long trips is too long.

Many members told RACQ the resilience and sustainability were important to them when it comes to their homes, considering the extreme weather we can experience in Queensland.

There were five main areas where members felt RACQ could offer support.

  1. Advocating and lobbying industry and government to strengthen Queensland’s resilience to extreme weather.
  2. Sharing contingency information, as well as updates during weather events.
  3. Getting involved in preparing physical environments, e.g. sandbags, backburning etc.
  4. Financial assistance for members and communities to adopt more sustainable and resilient homes and buildings.
  5. Education and knowledge: share information and guidance on sustainability and resilience.

Various teams across RACQ are using these insights to develop projects and plans to meet the needs that our members have highlighted.

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