Show your Anzac spirit

How to honour the service of our defence forces from your home.

The Returned Services League (RSL) Queensland has called on Australians to honour the service of our defence forces, past and present, by standing at the end of their driveways for a minute silence this Anzac Day.

With Anzac Day services, events and parades cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, RSL Queensland President Tony Ferris said the gesture of solidarity would send a powerful message of support to Australia’s defence community.

“Anzac Day is an opportunity for Australians to remember all those who have served and sacrificed, and we are pleased that so many Queenslanders recognise its significance more than a century after it was first commemorated,” Mr Ferris said.

“It’s very sad that we are not able to commemorate Anzac Day in time-honoured fashion this year, but a public commemoration is not worth risking the health of our older veterans, family members or members of the general public.

Mr Ferris said Australians could safely commemorate Anzac Day 25 April by standing at the end of their driveway or on a balcony at 6am and observing a minute silence.
“This is an idea that has gathered momentum in social media, and we agree it's a brilliant way to collectively honour the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of our service people – even though we cannot physically be together,” he said.

“This Anzac Day, I’d like to see all Australians participate in a different kind of Dawn Service, an intimate reflection conducted on a mass scale that unites us all in the Anzac spirit.”

Mr Ferris said the qualities of the Anzac spirit – ingenuity, humour, endurance, courage and mateship – were more important than ever in times of uncertainty.

“Regardless of the form this year’s Anzac Day commemorations take, let’s show that Australians will always remember those who have served and sacrificed for this nation,” he said.

Australians can also show their support by donating to RSL Queensland’s Anzac Day Appeal.