SparkLab at Queensland Museum

Revamped science centre an electrifying experience for kids and the young at heart.

Last year, the Queensland Museum’s Sciencentre underwent a $9.4 million renovation with the aim of making science, technology, engineering and maths accessible to everyone.

The new exhibit, SparkLab, is a fantastic opportunity for all ages to get hands on with science and discover new things about the world around them.

SparkLab comprises 40 exhibits in three zones, including a science bar featuring hands on experiments and demonstrations and a ‘maker space’ that gives kids the opportunity to design, make, test and evaluate their creations.

Old favourites including the Thong-a-phone, spinning chair and plasma ball are joined by the ability to create cloud patterns, view sub-atomic particles, and use magnets to move ferrofluid invented by NASA.

SparkLab’s primary audience is aged six to 12, but there’s plenty to entertain younger siblings (free entry for kids under five) such as creating colourful shadows, using air to shoot tennis balls up to the roof and dropping different metal plates through magnetic fields.

If you don’t have kids but still want to experience SparkLab, grab your nieces and nephews for a fun afternoon out or take advantage of the Queensland Museum’s adults-only After Dark events. 

Top exhibits for the kids:

Kids will love designing, building their own flying machine at the Flight Test exhibit. They can observe how it moves through the air, test design changes, and collaborate with others on new ideas.

Top exhibit for parents:

Bring back memories of high school science by building working electrical circuits for common household items such fans, hand dryers and burglar alarms.

Planning your visit:

SparkLab is a timed entry exhibit so buy your tickets online, especially during the school holidays, to avoid disappointment. Numbers for each session are capped to ensure minimal waiting times at each exhibit.

There are special discounts for schools and groups that include children aged six to 13 years and exhibit-related resources for teachers.