Suburban symphony

How to keep your powered mower and whipper snipper operating safely.

That time of year is well and truly upon us again, our lawns and gardens rejoice at the warmer weather with more frequent rain and storms, awakening them from their winter slumber. With this the “Suburban Symphony” springs into life.

The symphony of air-cooled engines droning away as we groom and manicure our lawns. We don our safety gear without a second thought but how much thought do we give to the equipment we are using.

Without any consideration to their condition we drag our trusty equipment out of hibernation, fill them with fuel and away we go, thinking only of the tasks ahead. Looking after the basics on most of these machines isn’t too difficult and what you need to do is outlined in the owners-manual (which you have read and put in a handy place of course).

Not following these requirements can have consequences, usually in the form of inconvenience and poor performance however, in some cases it can be quite dangerous when they fail risking injury to the operator and anyone else around them.

Powered mowers, whipper snippers and the like require regular care and maintenance to keep them operating safely and at their best. And it is wise to have a specialist go over your machines periodically to ensure all is well and help avoid any nasty surprises.