Summer Solstice Spectacle

Every summer, a truly amazing natural phenomenon takes place at the Capricorn Caves, north of Rockhampton.

Once a year in December and January, the sun lines up directly above the Tropic of Capricorn and a powerful beam of sunlight enters the cave through a 14-metre vertical shaft.

With the use of tools such as disco balls, coloured materials and magnifying glasses, the beam of light creates an amazing light show known as the Summer Solstice Spectacle, which attracts many national and international visitors to the region.

Capricorn Caves General Manager Amanda Hinton said that the natural phenomenon was a special way for people to celebrate the beginning of summer and the festive season.

“The Summer Solstice usually starts on the 22 December, our longest day of the year, and ends around mid-January,” Mrs Hinton said.

“Guests are always mesmerised by the display and often have a stunned look on their face when they see it.”

Couples kiss under the sunlight for good luck, known as the “beam of eternity”, with some even deciding to tie the knot inside the cave.

Whether you have never been before or have seen the Capricorn Caves many times, a visit during the Summer Solstice is not to be missed.

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