Supermarket savings

Top tips to save at the checkout.

Groceries are one of Queenslander’s largest expenses, with a family of four spending more than $187 per week at the supermarket*. 

Consumer advocacy group Choice’s Marg Rafferty said making a few changes could help to save money on your weekly grocery shop.

“Many people are dealing with tight budgets and reduced income, so every dollar at the supermarket counts,” Ms Rafferty said.

“These tips and tricks could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your grocery bills if you incorporate them into your regular shopping routine.”

Check out cheap supermarkets

Ms Rafferty said where you shop could make a big difference to your grocery bill.

“Aldi is the cheapest place to pick up your groceries,” she said. 

“A shopping basket of goods at Aldi cost us $80.75 while a similar shop at Woolworths was $141.83, and $145.23 at Coles. 

“Aldi was also the cheapest supermarket in our Australia-wide research in 2015 and 2017.”

Consider home brands

“House brands are typically much cheaper than branded products and they’ve also dramatically improved in quality,” Ms Rafferty said.

“Choice’s food taste tests have found that house brands can often score the same or even better than more expensive products.”

Save on produce

 Ms Rafferty said convenience products, such as chopped vegetables, significantly contributed to a grocery bill.

“While pre-prepared fruits and vegetables are a really convenient option, they are also a lot more expensive,” she said.

“At the moment, Woolworths advertises loose carrots for $2 a kilo, while their shredded and sliced carrots are priced at $10 a kilo – that’s five times the price.

“If it’s an option for you, buying whole fruits or vegetables can save you a lot of money.”

Ms Rafferty said selecting “ugly” produce could further reduce costs.

“If you’re not bothered by some misshapen vegies, picking up some imperfect produce is a great way to save money,” she said.

Buy in-season

Ms Rafferty said produce was at its cheapest when in-season

“Buying in-season produce is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money,” she said.

“If you want to buy fruit or vegetables that are out of season, consider opting for frozen, as they’ll be much cheaper. 

“Buying frozen fruits or vegies also means that it’s really difficult to waste them, potentially saving you more money.”

*Source: Canstar Blue