Supporting Queensland when disaster strikes

Find out how you are helping us give back to Queensland communities.

When a natural disaster strikes it can bring a community to its knees.

The devastation of losing lives, wildlife, homes and cherished possessions can have an everlasting impact on Queenslanders.

RACQ established the RACQ Foundation to help community groups rebuild and get back on their feet following severe weather events and natural disasters such as floods, droughts, storms, cyclones and more.

Since the inception of RACQ Foundation in 2011, more than $7.81 million in funding has been distributed across Queensland to more than 193 community groups.

RACQ General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer Darryn Hammond said the RACQ Foundation has continued to support community groups through another year of natural disasters.

“One of the things I love about the RACQ Foundation’s Drought and Flood Assistance Projects is that it brings all of RACQ's assets together,” Mr Hammond said.

“We have the RACQ Foundation, the mobile member centre, patrol vehicles and staff from a whole range of areas across the organisation band together for a week like no other. It really brings to life our purpose – to make a positive difference to the lives of our members now and into the future. 

“We are member owned so we don't just do things to make money - we make money to do things for our members and the communities they live in.”

Mr Hammond said all funding decisions are made by the RACQ Foundation Board with the assistance of a panel of RACQ employees who thoroughly review and consider each application on its merits.

“The RACQ Foundation Board has recently approved a further $650,000 towards assisting community organisations affected by flood in North Queensland,” he said.

Queensland community organisations affected by natural disasters can apply for funding from the RACQ Foundation online, applications close 14 June 2019.

RACQ Foundation Assistance Projects 2018-19

Townsville Flood Assistance Project (Coming soon!)

12 May – 18 May 2019

The RACQ Foundation’s seventh assistance project take place in Townsville to assist community organisations, local sports associations and clubs trying to rebuild and recover from the unprecedented floods. Find out more in the June/July edition of The Road Ahead.

Kingaroy Drought Assistance Project

17 March – 23 March 2019

Six mechanical and six non-mechanical staff lent a helping hand to repair farm machinery, make improvements to homesteads with painting, fencing, assist in daily farm duties and support farmers and their families. RACQ Financial Planning team provided complimentary advice to farmers on various topics including self-managed superannuation funds and succession plans.

Morven Drought Assistance Project

26 November – 1 December 2018

This project partnered with Drought Angels and saw twelve RACQ mechanics and staff spend a week in the town helping farmers restore and repair their faming equipment and vehicles; vital tools which enable them to make a living. The team also assisted with general tasks such as painting, fencing, feeding livestock and gardening. RACQ Financial Planning met with farmers to provide complimentary advice on various topics including self-managed superannuation funds and succession plans. The RACQ Foundation also funded a road train of hay.