Tech to help you work more efficiently

Technology should help not hinder the way you work.

The pace of change of technology has never been greater. Trying to keep up can often be frustrating, as technology is supposed to make things easier for us. If you’re looking to work smarter and not harder, here are a few of the most recent innovations that will help you work more efficiently.


Smartwatches allow users to take phone calls, review emails, view and respond to text messages – all without having to use your phone. They allow you to listen and store your favourite tunes and track your latest run via a mini sim card.

Cloud-based collaboration software

Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is penetrating all parts of our work and home life. We’re becoming subscribers to software, rather than owners of it. Project management applications, CRM, accounting software, marketing tools and more now come as a service delivered from the cloud. These cloud-based systems allow multiple users to work, collaborate, track and perform as a team from anywhere in the world, usually at a fraction of the cost of traditional desk-based software.

Time tracker apps

Looking for an easier way to track your time, particularly if you charge by the hour?

Digital time trackers are perfect for freelancers, project managers and others who charge by the hour or parts thereof. Digital time trackers work on a desktop, tablet and phone and allow you to track your hours, so you never forget to invoice your clients again.

Virtual office assistants

Your secretary used to sit outside your office and respond as you directed. Now your secretary is a virtual assistant, often located in another part of the world, usually working in a lower-cost economy. They manage your phone calls, emails, calendar, book flights and just about any task you require for business. They free your time, creating a larger business footprint at minimal costs and increased efficiencies. It is an exceptional way to help you grow your business without the local labour costs.

Wireless headphones

Everywhere you look in an office these days, there are workers wearing headphones. A good set of wireless headphones offers quality sound, good battery life and are comfortable to wear as you work. They will take away all outside distractions and make you more efficient and productive, though they can be a tad anti-social.