Tech trends revolutionising your home

If you thought phones were smart, wait until you see how smart your home will become.

You would have to be living under a rock to miss all the advertising for the latest smart home assistants from Google, Apple and Amazon. These tech giants are all vying to own the electronic gateway to your home.

Essentially, these devices are voice-activated tools that link to different appliances, lights and other connected devices in your home. You speak your instructions, such as “turn on the lounge room lights” and the digital assistant does it for you.

The devices also have remote access capabilities, so you can activate heating or air conditioning before you arrive home, or even switch on the oven to start cooking a pre-prepared meal you placed in it earlier.

Another development is the cross-functionality of different brands of device, so they now work together harmoniously.

While you once may have needed to get all devices from one brand, technologies like Google Home, for example, can now connect seamlessly to your Apple iPhone, Sony television and LIFX light bulbs. This more open platform will give consumers better value from their technology and investment cost.

Security systems are getting smarter and cheaper too. Installing one or even multiple security cameras in your home has become much easier and doesn’t require much skill or prior technical knowledge. Just buy a security camera off the shelf with DIY instructions.

The camera vision appears on your smartphone and is relayed to the Cloud. It’s also easier to use because cameras no longer require wiring from point-to-point and only need batteries and a wireless connection to your home network.