Tesla technological titans

There are few cars that can turn heads like a Tesla.

If you, like most millennials (myself included) and Gen Z, care as much about how your car looks as you do about how it drives and the technology if offers, then a Tesla is for you.

Already ranked as the ‘coolest’ auto manufacturer amongst teens (13-17) and millennials (18-24) in a Google brand study, Tesla has done what few other car manufacturers have and transcended the automotive world to be considered as one of the ‘coolest’ brands overall – in the same league as Google, Netflix and YouTube.

During RACQ’s hands-on experience with the Tesla Model S Sedan and X SUV, we were amazed by one of Tesla’s biggest drawcards, its technology.

When your phone can store hundreds of apps and do just about anything, why shouldn’t your car be able to do the same?


Operated by what looks a giant iPad in the central dash, controlling the Tesla’s various settings is a breeze.

Want to adjust your suspension on the fly? Sick of driving and want the car to take over? Have a need for speed and want to put the car in Plus mode? Simply press a button.

The screen also operates one of the Model X’s most unique features, the Falcon Wing doors.

The Falcon Wing doors are unlike anything you have seen before, swooping effortlessly up in the air and rivalling the scissor doors made famous by Lamborghini.

Not just fun to watch, these doors are hugely practical, allowing passengers to walk into the car without manoeuvring. They also work in the tightest of spaces and only need 50cm of clearance to operate.

The automated driving is also a major drawcard and works well on the highway. More needs to be done for it to be fully optimised for standard Australian roads, but, honestly, in a car this fun to drive who wouldn’t want to be in the driver’s seat?

 Previously, if you wanted a car that was ticked even some of these boxes, you needed to shell out big bucks for a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Now, for about half the price, you can drive a car that not only matches the performance of those iconic brands but beats it, as is the case with the Tesla Roadster.

And while sticking L and P-plates on a Tesla may still be a pipedream for many young drivers across Queensland, it’s foreseeable that one day, when charging stations and electric vehicles become more commonplace, Tesla’s may become as popular with Gen Y and Gen Z as Commodores and Falcons were with our parents.

Until this becomes a reality, however, most of us will continue driving standard petrol cars, so do yourself a favour and make the most of Free2Go membership and save four cents per litre on fuel at Puma Energy petrol stations.