Tesla's titans

A quick review on the Tesla.

First time impressions count for a lot. That’s life in general.

When applied to driving a Tesla S P100D, chances are the thing that will have you either screaming expletives or whooping with delight – or both – is the blinding acceleration.

To coin the words of the late Professor Julius Sumner Miller, why is this so?

Unlike a conventional high-performance internal combustion engine (ICE) – think Ferrari, et al – an electric motor achieves its maximum torque, or the rotational force that is transmitted from the motor to turn the wheels, anywhere from 0 to 4000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

In other words, the mountain of torque avalanches and acceleration is instantaneous. And, being an Electric Vehicle, smoothness and quietness are – as expected – mightily impressive.

There are the other elements that make for an overall sensory drive experience: handling, technology, ride quality, braking etc. Given our relatively short time with the Tesla, we’re really not qualified to comment. But, did I mention the acceleration?