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This powerful movement took Australia by storm in 2016 and continues again this year.

The headline is not a typographical error. It’s part of a campaign started by the Red Cross in 2016, that now occurs annually – the “Missing Type” campaign.

The idea is simple. Organisations, brands, ambassadors and iconic locations remove their As, Os and Bs, from logos, signage and other messages, to highlight the need for more blood donors to donate blood. They do this to help raise awareness of donating blood.

Most people rarely think about their blood type – some of us don’t even know it. But if that ‘type’ was to go missing in everyday life, it’s hoped we start to pay closer attention to the need for blood.
By removing the letters A, O and B in places of high interest on a national scale, the Red Cross hopes to increase awareness of the importance of giving blood.

Here are some facts about blood donations:

  • In Australia a blood donation is needed every 24 seconds;
  • Australia needs 100,000 new donors in the next year to help save or improve the lives of patients
  • Every second, three people in the world need a blood product
  • In Australia, one person every 24 seconds needs blood, that’s 25,000 every week
  • Giving blood only takes an hour of your time but could mean a lifetime to someone else.


In 2018 RACQ was a partner, proudly supporting International Missing Type. You might have noticed some missing type from our logo on the RACQ Living website. Help us fill the gaps and save lives by booking to donate blood.