The easiest way to connect a computer to your TV

Google has made it easier to connect a computer to your TV screen.

Just a few years ago, in the digital 'dark ages', an HDMI cable was needed to view your desktop or laptop on a television screen.

Often long lengths of HDMI cable were needed to cover the distance between the computer and television, which was hard to find and expensive.

With Google’s Chromecast, you can wirelessly mirror any browser tab or your entire desktop in just a few clicks. This includes smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops.

This feature is now built into Google Chrome, so a Google Cast extension is no longer needed. You still have to use Google Chrome, though, as you can’t use another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

If you just purchased a Chromecast, you’ll first need to install the Google Home app on your phone or tablet and set it up. To start casting, you can either click the Chrome menu and select Cast or right-click the current page and select Cast.

Upon opening the Cast dialogue, you’ll see an option to ‘Enable casting to cloud-based services like Google Hangouts’. This will enable you to cast your browser tabs directly to Google Hangouts and other services like Cast for Education, designed for classroom projectors.

By leaving this option enabled when making a Google Hangout video call, you can select the Cast option in Chrome and your Google Hangouts call will appear as an option alongside any Chromecast devices.

Select it to cast to the other person on the video call. There’s no downside to leaving this check box enabled — it just provides more options. Nothing is streamed to Google Hangouts or elsewhere unless you tell Chrome to cast there. Select ‘OK, Got It’ and you’ll see a smaller Cast dialogue in the future.