The greatest Christmas movies of all time

RACQ's top five Christmas movies

It’s that time again which means a month of back to back Christmas movie viewing.

But how do we know which ones to watch and which are a waste of time? We’ve got your back with the top five greatest Christmas movies of all time – spoiler warning.

5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1988)

  • Rating: PG
  • Watch it on: Stan

Chevy Chase is the king of suburban family comedy and he’s in fine form in this classic Christmas movie. Watch the perfectly planned Griswold Christmas go down in flames as feuding family, marauding wildlife and Christmas lights come together to create a Christmas disaster of epic proportions. It’s a bit of an oldie but it still gets into the top five for its slapstick shenanigans and middle-class relatability.    

4. Gremlins (1984)

  • Rating: PG
  • Watch it on: Netflix

Gremlins? A Christmas movie? It sure is! Not only is the movie set at Christmas but the catalyst for the film’s gremlin troubles is our hero Billy Peltzer’s chrissie present – Gizmo the mogwai. Christmas decorations, shopping and frolicking are a backdrop to this movie giving it that wholesome yuletide vibe (for a bit). This one can be comfortably watched outside of Christmas which drops it down a few rungs to fourth place.

3. Elf (2003)

  • Rating: PG
  • Watch it on: Netflix

Who wouldn’t love a movie about Will Ferrel as an overgrown man child with daddy issues and some seriously contagious Christmas cheer? Be honest you sing along to ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ with Zooey Deschanel when Santa’s sleigh runs out of Christmas spirit oomph. The movie gets marked down a bit for its cliché ending – who’s paying the bills when Buddy’s dad quits his job for family?   

2. Home Alone (1990)

  • Rating: PG
  • Watch it on: Google Play

This was tough – Home Alone definitely deserves a top spot but sometimes your best just isn’t good enough. In saying that, though, Home Alone is undoubtedly one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, ask anyone. A kid with unfettered access to the TV, fridge and leisure time, while also creating elaborate traps to foil the bad guys, was the stuff of childhood fantasies and that’s a hard one to shake.

1. Love Actually (2003)

  • Rating: M
  • Watch it on: Netflix

Love Actually has just clinched the top spot, purely because of that goosebump-giving opening scene at Heathrow Arrivals. If it doesn’t make you tear up, then you are clearly an unfeeling lizard person. It’s impossible to pick a favourite part in this film – is it Hugh Grant as PM, nativity scene lobsters or Liam Neeson re-enacting Titanic? We can’t forget Emma Thompson being the screen goddess she is and our outrage at Snape actor Alan Rickman for making her cry. This one will be the first and possibly the last movie on our Christmas movie rotation list.