The latest update from Apple

What iOS 13 means for you.

Apple released the latest update for their phone operating system, iOS 13, on 20 September.

The update includes improvements to your phones operating system, new comprehensive privacy settings, updates to apps and is set to increase performance.

Here are some of our favourite features.


The iOS 13 operating system promises to increase performance with Face ID now unlocking 30% faster and apps launching twice as quickly as before.


You can now sign into apps and websites with your Apple ID. Tap “Sign in with Apple” and, after a Face ID or Touch ID confirmation, you will be logged in. Users who no longer wish to provide an email address on signups can now have Apple create a unique email address that forwards to their real email. The unique email eliminates the app or website’s ability to track your data.


New location permissions give you greater control over location privacy and broader transparency in how your data is used.

How you set location permissions has changed. Previously you were shown options of "while using", "deny" and "always" that you could set once. You will now be shown a series of prompts with the first prompt providing the option of "allow once" instead of "always", which you will be able to set at the second prompt. You will be shown prompts periodically to remind you that you have your permission set to "always" and to reconfirm whether you’d like to keep this setting. You will also have access to a map of where your location has been used to help inform which setting you would like to use.

There are also further protections to stop people tracking you without your permission, including blocking access to known Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth beacons and access to your notes.

RACQ only use location in our apps to detect where you are for assistance, localised fuel pricing and member specific notifications.

Dark Mode

Turned on through the control centre, Dark Mode is designed to make your screen easier on your eyes at night. The setting uses a darker colour palette at night to ensure users can use their phones without eye strain. You can set Dark Mode to turn on automatically at night or select it for specific apps.

QuickPath Typing

Rather than having to tap on individual letters, you can now type by swiping from one letter to the next.

Apple CarPlay

A new CarPlay Dashboard has been created for a simplified view of the road ahead, along with a calendar app add-in providing the ability to get directions or dial into a meeting while driving. Music also showcases album artwork, so it’s easier to create your road trip soundtrack on the go.

Photo and camera updates

  • Portrait lighting control: create your desired look by adjusting the intensity of light in portrait mode.
  • High-key mono: add monochromatic effects to portrait mode photos.
  • Photos tab: new curated views offer more accessible ways to see your photos narrowed down by day, month and year.
  • Video and photo editing: new tools allow you to adjust or filter photos. All photo editing features are now available in video editing including rotate, crop and auto-enhance.


  • Look Around: explore cities in 3D and pan 360 degrees as you move through the streets.
  • Favourites: add favourites such as home, work, school and shops for quick navigation.
  • Collections: build lists of must-see spots around you or at your next holiday destination.


  • Shortcuts: a built-in shortcuts app allows Siri to work seamlessly with other apps.
  • Audio sharing: users with two sets of AirPods can sync them to the same device to share a song or movie with a friend.
  • Messages: users with AirPods can now ask Siri to read their messages aloud, so they don’t need to stop what they’re doing.