The ultimate ‘must-do’ Central Queensland experiences

Sponsored content: From pristine beaches to ancient sandstone gorges.

From past to present, outback to reef, Central Queensland offers a landscape of diverse beauty that captures the true essence of Australia. 

It's a hidden paradise boasting pristine beaches, luscious forests, barefoot island bliss, towering sandstone escarpments, impressive national parks, the underwater magnificence of some of the healthiest coral on the Great Barrier Reef, rolling countryside mountains and urban cityscapes. 

It's here that you’ll experience those moments where you find yourself fixated, gasping in astonishment or picking your jaw up off the ground that make up the ultimate “must-do” Central Queensland experiences. Those one-of-a-kind encounters that turn your journey from good to great. 

What are these moments? It might be fossicking for volcanic birthstones, feeling the rush of thousands of tiny bats, swimming in Queensland’s largest infinity pool, picnicking on a remote beach, strolling along a skywalk unlike any other or even exploring ancient caves and sandstone gorges.  

Discover them all here.