Tips for caravanning in a group

Travel with other caravanners and experience a unique camaraderie.

One of the best experiences when caravanning is tripping around with friends, both old and new. While you may enjoy seeing the sights more in the company of others, you will need to manage priorities to avoid any friction.

Don’t travel in a large convoy

Two or three caravans or RVs are good for many practical reasons. It’s easier to get campsites near each other, easier to communicate on UHF radio and there are fewer personalities to manage. The larger the group, the more likely there will be clashing personalities and smaller sub-groups may form, thereby eliminating the original plan of travelling together in a large group.

Many caravan or 4WD clubs do travel in large numbers. If you’re going to be together for a short trip, you can usually manage difficult personalities. If you’re planning to travel for a month or more, then it can be a frustrating experience having to deal with egos.

Travel with an open itinerary

One way of easing tension is to travel with an open itinerary. This is a good way to allow participants to glean what they want from the trip. So while you travel in convoy to each key destination, members of the group can break away and do its own thing at each stop. Some may prefer visiting historical buildings, art galleries and museums, while others prefer shopping or wandering around a town on foot.

Share the role of team leader

Nominating a different person as team leader each day can help share the responsibility and engage everyone equally. Each night you can plan any possible side trips or stops to make along the main transport legs the following day. There will always be at least one enthusiast in the group that has done more research than you, so you can leverage that knowledge in group discussions.

Keep an open mind

While you might not have a specific interest in a topic, if someone in your group is an enthusiast, they can quickly get you interested due to their knowledge and desire to share information with you. You never know what you’ll learn or enjoy along the way.