Tips to prepare for summer boating season

Summer is well and truly here and that means it’s time to get out on the water.

Follow these simple tips to get your boat ready so you can get on with enjoying Queensland’s beautiful waterways.

Engine and electronics

One of the most important things you can do as a boat owner is to book an annual service with a qualified marine mechanic. A service provides the peace of mind that all your boat systems are working as they should and helps prevent problems that could keep you off the water or put your safety at risk. Your marine mechanic should change the oil and flush the cooling system, check fluid levels, check cables belts and hoses, check all batteries and test electronics.

Inspect the hull

Before you hit the water, check the hull’s finish for any chips, cracks, blisters, changes in colour or delamination. These blemishes may be symptoms of an underlying issue below the finish layer. Large cracks, ripples in the finish, and delamination can become serious issues affecting the boat’s structural integrity if not addressed. 

Trailer maintenance

Maintaining your boat trailer is essential for your safety and the safety of other road users. Check your trailer tires, including the spare, for wear and tear making sure they have the correct amount of air pressure and sufficient tread. Check the wheel bearings, roller and pads for wear and tear, and replace as necessary. Ensure your brake lights and indicators are working properly and that the trailer’s registration is current.

Interior clean

Bring your boat back to its former glory by keeping the interior clean, protected and free of rust and mould. Scrub down the interior, including tabletops, chairs, fridges and eskies, with an all-purpose cleaner. Check your boat cover and seats for tears, cracks and mildew.

Safety equipment

Having the right safety equipment on your boat could save your life in an emergency. Check your marine radio, emergency beacon, flares and other safety equipment are in working condition and replace them before they expire. Check lifejackets for visible signs of wear and tear and ensure inflatable lifejackets are serviced as per manufacturer instruction.  Update any outdated equipment before you hit the water.

Licence, registration and insurance

Lastly, make sure your licence and registration are current and onboard. Review your insurance cover and sum insured^ to make sure you have the right level of cover. That way you can get on with enjoying Queensland’s beautiful waterways knowing you're well covered.

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^The sum insured for your boat including hull, motor, sails, trailer and other equipment is the sum insured selected by you, or the market value at the time of loss, whichever is the lower. This might mean that you are paid less than the sum insured in the event of a claim, if the market value is lower than the sum insured at that time. Your premium is based on the sum insured. In the event that a total loss claim is settled at the lesser market value, no refund of premium applies.

*Insurance products issued by RACQ Insurance Limited ABN 50 009 704 152. Conditions, limits and exclusions apply. This is general advice only and may not be right for you. Consider the PDS, SPDS and TMD available at