To infinity and beyond

Take a thrilling journey through space when NASA – A Human Adventure blasts into Queensland.

On 21 July 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the first time in history. His famous quote “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” ushered in an era of almost universal public enthusiasm for NASA and space flight.

Fifty years later, space exploration continues to capture the imaginations of Australians at the NASA – A Human Adventure exhibit at the Queensland Museum.

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The exhibit is the largest ever hosted by the Queensland Museum and features more than 250 items including original and space flown objects, plus scaled models and replicas.

Queensland Museum Network CEO Dr Jim Thompson said NASA – A Human Adventure, celebrated humankind’s remarkable achievements.

NASA – A Human Adventure tells the story of space travel and the history of rocket science and space flight through an exciting array of objects including some awe-inspiring full-sized and scaled replicas,” Dr Thompson said.

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The exhibition features the story of space travel from artists and writers who dared to dream of life among the stars to the early pioneers of space travel and engineering the marvels that have changed the world and our exploration of space.

Highlights of the exhibition include several items used in space missions, a collection of space suits and several full-scale replicas including the front section of NASA’s iconic space shuttle and lunar rover, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space crafts and Soviet robotic lunar rover Lunokhod.

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Queensland Museum, South Brisbane


15 March – 9 October 2019


From $12

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