Top 10 at Curiocity Brisbane

Don’t miss this year’s must-see events.

From interactive and immersive installations to thought-provoking conversations, the Curiocity Brisbane festival has unveiled a program of curious events and ideas to “spark inspiration” from 12-28 March.

The 17-day celebration of science, art and technology will transform Brisbane into a world of discovery with more than 60 events and installations across four precincts: the City Botanic Gardens, South Bank, South Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct and Brisbane CBD.

Here are the top 10 unmissable events.

Virtual Time Machines for Cultural Storytelling

Delve into the world of temporal spatial storytelling where satellite-generated terrain enables travel into The Dreaming landscapes of First Nations People. Join Benjamin Law in conversation with Brett Leavy where cultural knowledge and practice is shared and preserved.

When: Saturday 13 March, 10.30am 

Location: The Gardens Club, City Botanic Gardens

Cost: Register for your free ticket.

The Dancing Water Fountain

Part of the Queensland Schools Challenge, The Dancing Water Fountains by Isis District State High School is an interactive work that explores the choreographed and synchronised movement of water to pitch, frequency and rhythm through various music tracks.

When: 8am-8pm daily

Location: Cultural Precinct, South Brisbane

Recycling, Science, Design - Repeat. When waste looks sexy! 

About: We are all well-versed in the “3 Rs” (reduce, reuse, recycle) but what would it look like to recycle and create new things from your home, studio or garage? What if it could be your new business? Benjamin Law in conversation with Guillaume Crédoz and travel from the heart of Beirut to Brisbane through science, design and invention.

When: Tuesday 16 March 10.30am 

Location: The Pavilion - Flowstate, South bank 

Cost: Register for your free ticket.

Photosynthesis Ballet: Florescentia

Florescentia, from the Latin word meaning “blossoming”, is inspired by the phenomenal natural transformations found in the natural biology of plant life. The installation incorporates both movement, sound and light, exploring the ephemerality of life in ever and rapidly changing state.

When: 8am-8pm daily

Location: Cultural Precinct, South Brisbane

The Motorcycle Up Late

Zip up your leather jackets and rev your engines! Up Late returns during GOMA’s The Motorcycle for an outdoor celebration across two jam-packed nights featuring live music, DJs, bars and dining.

When: 19-20 March 2020, 6.30-10.30pm 

Location: GOMA, South Brisbane 

Cost: Adults from $38

Sip a Sub-Zero Curiocity

Enjoy a Sub‑Zero Curiocity at Royal on the Park. Derived from a Vampire’s Kiss cocktail, our curious cocktail is as delicious as it is decadent – served with a touch of gold dust and a smoky flair.

When: 12–28 March 2021

Location: Royal On The Park, Brisbane CBD

Cost: TBC


Through integrated robotics and proximity sensors, a delightful school of blue-green chromis fish focus their attention and consider us with curiosity. Shoal is a mesmerising Curiocity inspired by pressing issues of climate change and our irreplaceable relationship with the natural world.

When: 8am-8pm daily

Location: Brisbane CBD 

Bees Being

Bees Being adds an interactive element to an existing public artwork, titled Across the Oceans their Fragrances Intermingled, located on the glass ceiling in the Albert Lane building. This is an interactive experience you can view through your mobile device.

When: 8am-8pm daily

Location: Brisbane CBD  

The Living Lantern

The Living Lantern is constantly evolving based on the interaction between wind and light. It has a dynamic, wind-responsive outer membrane that opens and closes to filter the light from its core.

When: 8am-8pm daily

Location: Cultural Precinct, South Bank    

Until the End of Time

World Science Festival co-founder and renowned physicist Professor Brian Greene will premiere his new cinematic journey, Until the End of Time, live from New York. 
Professor Greene will take audiences on a journey from the big bang to the end of time. He joins ABC’s Jonathan Webb live on screen from New York State following the premiere of the film for a Q&A.

When: Wednesday 24 March, 7.30pm

Location: Concert Hall, QPAC

Cost: From $30 with a livestream from $10.