Top 12 vegan restaurants

Coco Bliss

With stores all over Brisbane, Coco Bliss ticks every box for breakfast loving herbivores. They specialise in perfectly presented acai bows which aren’t specially vegan but rely on plant-based nutrition that also looks amazing. The menu is seasonal, so you won’t get sick of the same old. Recommendation: Lemon Meringue bowl.

Southside Tea Room

By night, Southside Tea Room becomes the Red Robin Supper Truck and Death Valley bar but by day it’s a great place to find some common ground with your omnivorous friends. Not only are there vegan options here but they also taste good. Recommendation: Gingerbread pancakes. 


The café is entirely dedicated to vegan bakery delights that are so affordable, you wouldn’t guess they’re vegan. The bakery also does custom made, vegan cakes that are perfect for whenever your vegan friend needs to celebrate. Plus, they also do a great sausage roll with tomato sauce. Recommendation: Ferrero Rocher cake.

Green Edge

Green edge features a café that offers bakery treats in the morning and a lunch time restaurant, it also opens for dinner on Friday and Saturday. Green Edge not only caters for long time vegans but also the curious omnivore looking to dip their toes in. Recommendation: Check the specials.


Vegerama is the closest place to vegan takeaway. Depending on the location, Vegerama has a variety of curries, salads, desserts and wraps that can be grabbed on the run. While most stores are takeaway, there is a restaurant in West End that offers vegan pizza and prepared meals. Recommendation: Margherita pizza.


The only place to get a vegan Poke bowl is Suki which conveniently happens to be open in several locations. Relying on a build your own buffet style system ensures that everything in your bowl was specially chosen by you. Recommendation: Tofu bowl.


There is a great omnivorous menu but where Brewski really wins is with its surprisingly edible vegan section. Brewski actually cares about its vegan customers and caters accordingly. The Vegan Cheeseburger with a craft beer and Brewski fries is enough to convince anyone that being vegan isn’t a life sentence for your taste buds. Recommendation: ABC Burger.

Tipper’s Tap

Like Brewski, this one isn’t just vegan and has a huge selection for any omnivore friends you might bring along. However, Tippler’s Tap differs from Brewski because it also offers a range of hot dogs. Recommendation: Vegan Chicago dog.

Paw Paw café and kitchen

Paw Paw café and its smaller, take away places is all about Thai fusion food. The menu isn’t completely vegan but has its fair share of options that vary from Bao, Green Curry and Sweet potato chips. The café also has a great breakfast selection as well offering catering and an event space. Recommendation: Vegan Pad Thai.

Corbett & Claude

A newcomer to the vegan game, Corbett and Claude now offer vegan cheese as an extra. While it’s a bit pricey, it makes it much easier to veganise your pizza and pasta. The restaurant also has some very photogenic cocktails like the coconut cream Corbett Colada.
Recommendation: Tomato Gnocchi with vegan cheese

Nom Nom Natural Gelato

Everyone needs gelato whether they eat steak or tofu and luckily Brisbane does not disappoint. For South siders, Nom Nom Natural Gelato makes fresh gelato for everyone. While some of their more exciting flavours are dairy based, they always stock vegan flavours along with fruity sorbets. Recommendation: Crème Brulee gelato.

Ciao Gelato Nundah

On the North side is Ciao Gelato in Nundah which takes the cake for the best tasting and prettiest gelato around. Ciao Gelato also has a huge range of dairy based gelato but also stock vegan flavours like Hazelnut coffee and Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie. Also available are customised ice cream cakes and vegan sundaes with a cherry on top. Recommendation: Weekly customer specials.