Top five Australian interior design trends for 2019

The Block: Sky High winners Alisa and Lysandra share the interior design trends for next year.

From serving as policewomen in Adelaide to winning The Block: Sky High in 2013, Design Duo Alisa and Lysandra Fraser have been pursuing their passion for design through a number of exciting projects.

Since The Block, the creative twins have been working as interior designers on bespoke properties and have recently purchased a prime development site in Albert Park in Victoria for renovation. This project was filmed for The Design Duo online series, episodes are now available to watch online.

The pair are well known for their unique design style and have shared the top five interior design trends for 2019.

Go Green

Plants are here to stay. Fiddle figs and monstera have been reigning supreme in the indoor plant stakes, but spare a minute for other ways to add greenery. Bringing the outside in is a great way to add a natural element and texture to your home.

Mixing materials

It’s time to think outside the box and have a look at ways to incorporate different materials in a variety of applications. During our recent renovation project, we used gorgeous natural stone from CDK Stone as a feature wall, coupled with a brass inlay and timber.


Minimalism will continue throughout 2019, emphasising a sense of openness throughout the whole house. The old saying “everything has its place” will be at the forefront, with careful consideration to layouts in particular open plan kitchens and living zones. The minimalism approach allows for the design and materials to be the focus, and with so many new products coming out, it’s a great way to incorporate them into your dream space.

Tile love

If you are doing a bathroom renovation, then consider using some larger-size tiles for a more ‘seamless’ and cleaner look. Slab tiles are making an emergence and come in a variety of sizes and colours.

Put your own stamp on it

Trends come and go and are ever-changing – sometimes it’s so hard to keep up. When renovating or updating, make sure you inject some of your personality into the space. Decorate with things that hold sentimental value, remind you of good times or are jut beautiful to you. This might be a special photo from a memorable trip, a favourite book or trinkets from a holiday.

Images by Lisa Cohen Photography.