Top five benefits of a slide-on camper

Why couples and retirees are choosing to travel in a more versatile RV.

While many families are choosing to buy a caravan or camper trailer to tour the state, many retirees and couples are switching on to the benefits of a slide-on camper.

A slide-on camper is a type of recreational vehicle (RV) where the camper is mounted onto the flat tray of a ute which can be easily removed at any time.

OzCape Campers Director Joe Ried has been building slide-on campers at the Gold Coast for more than 15 years and said they were the most versatile style of RV on the market.

“Many of our customers have owned caravans before and have decided to ‘downgrade’ to a slide-on camper because the kids have grown up and moved on,” Mr Ried said.

“Slide-on campers are a great option for couples who are looking to travel on and off road easily without compromising on the comforts.

“It’s the perfect type of RV for those who dread towing, reversing, parking or setting up a caravan.”

Here are the top five benefits of buying a slide-on camper.

  1. No towing
    The best part of owning a slide-on camper is that there is no towing. As the camper is mounted onto the back of a ute, it feels normal to drive and is a much safer option for those who feel uncomfortable towing a caravan. You also have the option to tow if you want to. This is very appealing to those who want the option to tow a boat as this is something you can’t do with a caravan or camper trailer.
  2. Fewer on-road costs
    There is a significant difference in cost when it comes to travelling with a slide-on camper in comparison to a caravan. You can avoid the extra expense of parking fees, fuel consumption, registration and vehicle ferry fees. A slide-on camper is only considered as a vehicle load therefore there are no extra costs.
  3. Easy to park and store at home
    You also have great manoeuvrability which makes it much easier to park without having to take up multiple parking spots. It also means that you can park in a normal-sized campground without needing the extra space. 
  4. Camper can be easily removed
    The camper can easily be removed at any time therefore when you reach your destination you can unload it and use your vehicle to explore. The camper then becomes your base camp while your vehicle is available for day trips.
  5. Fully self-contained
    Slide-on campers come in a range of different sizes to suit a variety of vehicles. Most of them offer “motorhome” level accessories and facilities including shower, toilet, bed, power from gas, solar, 12v and 240v power and kitchen. This means you have the freedom to stay at free camping locations as the vehicle is fully self-contained.

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Images supplied by OzCape Campers.