Top five cruising destinations for 2018

Discover the ultimate cruising destinations for 2018.

Struggling to choose where to take your next cruise? With almost all the world now accessible by cruise ship, deciding where to go isn’t easy. To help you choose, RACQ’s travel experts have compiled a list of the year’s best cruise destinations.

  1. Japan

    Still considered a hidden gem in terms of cruising, Japan is a must-see destination in 2018. There aren’t many places that can seamlessly combine an ultra-modern urban lifestyle and ancient traditions quite like Japan. Passengers can explore centuries-old temples one minute and be dazzled by soaring neon lights and skyscrapers the next.

  2. Alaska

    If your idea of cruising involves breath-taking scenery, stunning nature and wildlife, then Alaska is the cruise for you. It’s not hard to see why Alaska is considered one of the most-popular cruise destinations in the world, with snow-capped mountains and glaciers lining the route and wildlife at every turn. A necessity for this trip is a quality camera to capture the bears, eagles and whales.

  3. Panama Canal

    This is the cruise to book if you are travelling with a group as there is something for everybody to enjoy. And, while it may not be the quickest link between the Atlantic and the Pacific, a Panama Canal voyage is by far the most beautiful. Adventurous passengers can pack their hiking boots and head for a rainforest, while those who would rather kick back and relax can visit the many beaches. Adrenaline junkies can watch the famous cliff divers in Acapulco or go on a rafting journey through the jungles of Costa Rica.

  4. Iceland / Arctic Circle

    Iceland has become a must-do holiday destination thanks to the country’s otherworldly landscapes and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is a photographer’s dream with its lava fields, hot springs, black sand beaches, quaint villages to shoot. For those wanting amazing shore excursions, this is it. Ride a horse through the lava fields, bath in a geothermal pool or snorkel between the tectonic plates. There’s even plenty to see for passengers who prefer to stay onboard, with breaching humpback whales and diving dolphins. If you travel between September and April, you may also see the Northern Lights.

  5. Douro River

  6. Often overlooked by the masses, the Douro River has been a must for those in the know. Cruisers looking for a serene experience will enjoy the calmness of the water and lack of other boats while travelling down narrow stretches of the Douro. Encased on both sides by rocky slopes and thousands of hectares of port wine grapes, it is truly a sight to behold. Once off the boat, there is plenty to see and do with medieval hilltop villages to explore and cellars and vineyards with ample stock to sample. While Portugal’s Douro River has managed to keep a low profile, travellers will want to act quick before the secret gets out.

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