Top five tips for travelling solo

The must-dos for inexperienced solo travellers.

Thinking of taking the plunge and travelling overseas by yourself? Here are some travel tips to help you take the odd overseas trip by yourself. 

Stay somewhere with WiFi

Travelling solo doesn’t mean you need to be lonely. If you book accommodation with free Wi-Fi you will be able to stay connected with family and friends at home. It’s always recommended to check-in regularly during your travels for safety. Do your family and friends a favour and send them your itinerary just in case something goes wrong.

Avoid the single supplement

Never heard of it? The single supplement is a travel industry premium which is charged to solo travellers when they book for just one person. Single supplement fees should be disclosed before you book so make sure you ask before confirming your booking.

Pack light

Travelling alone means you don’t have those extra helping hands to carry or hold your luggage. Pack light and buy a good quality suitcase with four wheels.  You will be able to roll in and roll out of the airport with ease.

It’s ok not to plan

It goes against the norm, but some of the best experiences usually happen when you’ve gone with the flow and taken advice from fellow travellers or from locals. Leave a bit of flexibility in your itinerary because you never know what opportunities might arise on the way. Stop and chat to locals (that’s where you find the best eateries) and strike up conversations in restaurants. 

Split up your money

Never travel overseas lots of cash. It’s recommended that you split your money across a pre-loaded travel card, cash and a debit/credit card. Keep in mind that there might be currency conversion rates, ATM withdrawal fees and mobile phone charges which can quickly drain your funds.