Top four tips to manage stress

Managing your stress can be difficult, practically when you are already overwhelmed by how little time you have between assignments, exams and maintaining a social life.

Here are four ways you can minimise your stress levels.

Take charge

  • Learn how to identify when you are stressed
  • Be aware of how you respond to stressful situations and look at ways of improving your mindset

Keep moving and eat good foods

  • Avoid snacking when you are stressed
  • Try to exercise regularly – just 30 minutes a day will help your body release nervous energy and endorphins to help clear your mind

Give yourself a break

  • Make time for rest
  • Treat yourself with relaxing activities such as cooking, reading, seeing friends
  • Go for a walk to give yourself a break from the office

Relax and be mindful

  • Mindfulness quiets your chattering mind. It teaches you how to look at thoughts and feelings without seeing them as particularly good or bad, allowing you to focus on the here and now.