Top motoring podcasts

The motoring podcasts you should be listening to.

These days nearly every topic has multiple podcasts, and motoring is no different.

Rather than taking a punt on which podcast you should download, follow our guide of the best motoring podcasts.

The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire is a weekly 90-minute podcast exploring the car industry and the behind-the-scenes escapades of host Matt Farah, who travels the world test-driving cars. The podcast features weekly guests from the automotive and entertainment industry discussing their automotive adventures.


An entry-level podcast targeted more at motoring fans than diehard enthusiasts. The family-friendly and informative podcast, made by How Stuff Works, covers everything from the worst places in the world to buy a car to the 10 most terrifying manufacturer defects.

Diesel Performance Podcast

Love diesel engines? This is the podcast for you. Hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke cover everything from diesel engine maintenance to engine and performance upgrades and modifications. The episodes range from the aftermath and future of diesel power to interviews with prominent industry engineers and manufacturers.

Women on the Road

Hosted by Laura Hughes as an extension to her Women on the Road interview series, the podcast explores what life is like for women living on the road. Laura interviews everyone from travellers, musicians to others who share her love of the road.

The Overlanding Podcast

More road trip than motoring, the Overlanding Podcast is all about self-reliant vehicle travel and stories from the people who have embarked on incredible journeys.

Your Shout

While not strictly about motoring, the Your shout podcast features RACQ’s Deb Eccleston having a chat with Queenslanders whose stories amaze and inspire. The back catalogue features several motoring topics including the future of motoring, what drives you crazy on the road and an exclusive interview with Gold Logie winner and professional race car driver Grant Denyer.