Top things to pack for your road trip

Make sure you take these essential items on your holiday.

So, you’re going on a road trip holiday.

You’ve got your itinerary sorted, campgrounds booked and now it’s time to pack.

Along with the basics – here are a few things that you should pack to make your trip a whole lot easier: 

  • Soft bags for your luggage. Soft bags will fit more easily in your camper storage compartments making the most of the space and means no damage to the interior of the camper with hard suitcase edges. 
  • Entertainment. Of course, the aim of road trip holidays is to be outdoors as much as possible!  But to combat unpredictable weather it’s always good to have entertainment on board.  Books, DVD’s and toys will always be welcomed – as well as a trusty pack of cards for those late-night card game battles.
  • Tupperware. Your camper will be fully equipped with all your cooking equipment, but having some handy containers will make food storage on the road a breeze.
  • Chargers and spare batteries. When you’re plugged into power you can charge all your devices as you would at home but don’t forget some spare batteries or portable chargers for those days you prefer to head off the beaten track!
  • Phone/USB adaptor. While our camper can play MP3 CDs, only some have Bluetooth connectivity or USB ports, so it’s best to bring an adaptor. – What’s a road trip without singing along to your favourite playlist!?
  • Travel esky. RV fridges are smaller than the average at home fridge to maximise space. So, having an esky for your drinks and to take on those day hikes will be a handy addition to your trip.
  • Spare memory card. There is nothing worse than getting half way through your trip and having to delete photos to make room for more. Bring a couple of spare memory cards so you can take all the selfies you want!
  • Sense of adventure. No explanation needed for this one! 

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