Try these five handy admin apps

Here are some apps to help you better manage your daily tasks.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is designed for businesses but is also good for home. You no longer need to store boxes of paper receipts. Just snap your receipts with the app and then either email them to your accountant, or upload and save them.


Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service which lets you file anything you want into individual folders. You can also share folders with anyone you like via email.


MealBoard helps you store recipes, create a meal plan, generate a grocery list and even tells you what you’ve got in the pantry at home – to help keep you organised and prevent reflex purchasing.


Doodle makes planning group events easy. The scheduling tool allows you to offer a range of potential dates and times for, say, dinner on the weekend or drinks next Friday. The only thing your friends need to do is tick a box for their preference. You’ll be able to see where everyone’s time clashes and the slots where everyone is free. It takes the back and forth out of organising dinners and gives you time to do other important things.

Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper will help you master the time allocation for jobs on your to-do-list, the focus part is up to you.