Upgrade your car with these great road trip accessories

There are some great gadgets available for your car.

Here are just a few of the latest gadgets to improve your ride:

  1. Instead of a cup in your cup holder, why not put a little greenery in your vehicle with either a small plant or potpourri in the holder. plant

  2. Pot plant 

  3. Install the De-Road-Erizer smart scent diffuser in your lighter to rid the car of those take-away food or stinky sports gear smells.

    White de-road-erizer

  4. Why have a messy interior when everything can be tucked away in its own special place? Buy this handy case for your car to keep your personal items organised.

    Bag with sunglasses and mobile phone

  5. Never lose your smartphone again by storing it in this cute caddy while you drive. Remember it’s illegal to text or call while driving.

    Caddy bag

  6. If you no longer use your CDs in the car, this magnetic phone holder can put your CD player to good use, as it slides neatly into the CD player slot.

    Black magnetic holder 

  7. If you get a flat tyre this digital tyre gauge is more accurate and easier to read than analogue gauges.

    Blue digital tyre gauge