Film review: Venom


Venom tells the story of journalist Eddy Brock who becomes exposed to an alien symbiote while investigating a shady corporation. From there Eddy is imbued with the powers of the alien ‘Venom’ and must fight for his life.

Our Review:

There was a quote towards the end of Venom that oddly enough perfectly encapsulated the movie.

“We will eat both of your arms, and then both of your legs, and then we will eat your face right off your head. You will be this armless, legless, faceless thing, won't you, going down the street like a turd in the wind.”

Now, I won’t go as far as saying Venom was a turd in the wind, but I could see the argument being made.

The film certainly feels as though its arms, legs and face have been eaten. If you consider the arms, legs, and face to be plot, character development and pacing, it is the perfect analogy.

What we are left with in Venom is a movie that has been stripped back to the bare minimum and it seems even its stars think so with lead, Tom Hardy, saying his favourite scenes in the film had all been cut (at least 40 minutes worth).

The biggest problem with Venom is that everything felt rushed. The filmmakers didn’t give Eddy Brock (Hardy) enough time to develop with his symbiote Venom or any other character for that matter. One second Eddy just wants Venom out of his body, the next they’re best buds fighting to save the world together.

It’s a real shame the film didn’t give more time to Eddy and Venom’s relationship as Hardy’s performance as both is a standout, and even though it didn’t always work. I would pay to see them together on screen again.

Academy Award winner Michelle Williams stars as the love interest but annoyingly, is given very little to do other than chew the scenery and become a plot device. Riz Ahmed also stars as the film’s antagonist Carlton Drake, he does a serviceable, if not forgettable job as the villain.

In true superhero movie fashion, the film has an after credits scene which sets up a sequel, but Venom will need to make some serious cash at the box office to warrant a follow-up after its lacklustre debut.

In a world that is dominated by the superhero genre, filmmakers really need to stick the mark and do something different to be memorable. Venom – who is one of the more beloved characters in the Spiderman universe – sadly does neither and is a rather forgettable popcorn flick, saved only by Hardy’s performance.  

Final Verdict: 2.5 stars.


Ruben Fleischer


Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson and Jenny Slate.

Film rating:


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