Wacky road trip destinations

Journey to some of Australia’s uniquely-named landmarks.

Take a road trip with a difference to destinations like Eggs and Bacon Bay, Banana and Useless Loop.



A 120km drive west of Gladstone, the town of Banana has nothing to do with fruit but more to do with cattle. Formerly dubbed Banana’s Gully, the town was named after a local bullocking hero, Banana, who has a statue dedicated to him on the Dawson Highway. The town is known for its fishing, water sports and many 4WD routes.
  • Other unique Queensland names: Yorkeys Knob, Humpybong, Pimpimbudgee, Boyland, Mount Breast and Little Ugly Creek.

New South Wales:

Come by chance

There’s a little truth to the name Come By Chance as the town has a population of fewer than 150 people. Come By Chance was named after a sheep station which was brought by George and William Colles in the 1860s. The pair called their property “Come by Chance” after believing squatters had taken all the land in the area. Each year the town hosts its famous picnic races.
  • Other wacky town names in New South Wales: Bong Bong, Broke, Delicate Nobby, Rooty Hill, Smiggin Holes and Tom Ugly.



Only 95kms south-east of Melbourne, the town of Poowong is believed to have received its name from the local Indigenous language and roughly translates to “six-foot long worm”. Today, Poowong is surrounded by dairy farms and known for Sculpture Park, a park filled with wooden sculptures, with views of South Gippsland.
  • Other unique names in Victoria: Mount Misery, Chinaman’s Knob, Upotipotpon.

South Australia:

Foul Bay

A three-and-a-half-hour drive west of Adelaide, Foul Bay is the least foul place you could think of with a 16km long beach, deserted bays and historic lighthouses. Foul Bay is popular with campers but relatively deserted year-round with a population of 41 people.
  • Other examples of strange names in South Australia: Coffin Bay and Nowhere Else.

Western Australia:

Useless Loop

The area was named Useless Loop in 1801 by French navigator Louis-Henri de Saulces de Freycinet, who wrongly believed that a large sandbar blocked access to ships. Today, the area is anything but useless and is used for mining salt. The mining town is owned by a Japanese corporation and not open to the public, but those with a 4WD can get close enough to see Useless Loop.
  • Other wacky Western Australia town names: Cockburn, Dog Swamp and Woodie Woodie.


Eggs and Bacon Bay

Probably the most deliciously named location in all Australia, Eggs and Bacon Bay in the Huon Valley is about 44kms from Hobart. The area has a population of 102 and is popular with campers and fisherman. Surprisingly, Eggs and Bacon Bay was not named after the breakfast, but rather the eggs and bacon flower that grows on the shore of the bay in summer.
  • Other destinations in Tasmania: Dismal Swamp, Doo Town, The End of the World, Devils Kitchen, Break-Me-Neck Hill and Lovely Bottom.