Walk, don't drive

Explore the mid-north New South Wales coast on foot.

The mid-north coast of New South Wales has some great road trips, but for those wanting to get close to nature, the region has some great hiking trails.

Here’s our round-up of the best hikes in the area.

Dooragan National Park

The park is home to North Brother mountain, which is part of the Three Brother mountains range.

The mountain and surrounding area host  the Beach to Brother Trail Running festival every year but also has year-round walking tracks for both occasional and avid hikers.

The Rainforest loop is a relaxing half-hour track that circles around from the North Brother summit picnic area. Along the way is a lookout with stunning views of nearby Diamond Head and is great for families.

For those who don’t mind working up a sweat, the Laurieton track  takes hikers on a 3km, one-way trek through towering eucalyptus and blackbutt forests that were once used for timber to build the local town of Laurieton.

Coorabakh National Park

Created millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions, Coorabakh National Park is made up of rugged outcrops and hidden caves, with Newbys Creek cave being the most accessible.

To access the cave, take the 20-minute trail along Newbys Creek from the Starrs Creek picnic area. The cave is a beautiful place to rest and take in the surrounds and isn’t far from Newbys lookout where visitors can see out over Manning Valley. 

Willi Willi National Park

Easily accessible from Wauchope, Willi Willi National Park has everything for nature lovers from an ancient Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest to waterfalls and plenty of wildlife.

The park’s best hiking trails vary in difficulty from the picturesque Botanic walk to the more challenging Palm Grove walk starting from the Wilson River picnic area. 

Dorrigo National Park

While Dorrigo National Park may only be an hour’s drive from Coffs Harbour, it couldn’t be further away from city life. Like Willi Willi, the park is also part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.

Home to the Crystal Shower Falls walk, it is as beautiful as it sounds and offers amazing views from behind the Crystal Shower Falls waterfall. The walk can be accessed through the Satinbird stroll and Wonga walk.

Photo by Remy Brand.