Weighing up the cost of schooling

The costs of schooling in Queensland so you can choose where your child will thrive.

We Queenslanders have a strong connection to our community, so it can be easy for your child to attend the same school you did.

You know the school values and you have lasting memories of little lunch and tuckshop treats. For others, it can be a fascinating journey visiting different schools and getting a feel for each one. While picking your child’s school is an individual choice, we can help you learn the costs of schooling in Queensland so you can choose where your child will thrive.

Family factors

The first things you may consider when choosing a school is location, religion and cost. While some schools are zoned, meaning you have to live within a certain radius, others welcome everyone no matter where you live. Religion also plays a factor with some schools teaching beliefs important to you and your family. The other biggest consideration is the difference in cost between private and public schools.

Public and private

The main differences between private and public schools are:

  1. Cost
    State schools are subsidised by our Government which makes tuition cheaper. On the other hand, private schools charge an additional fee determined by the school board. Private fees vary between different schools so it’s worth checking out a few, even if they have the same religious denomination.
  2. Religion
    Most private schools have a strong connection to a particular religion or faith. They welcome students who hold the values of their religion and can prove their commitment to this faith.
  3. Location
    Most public schools are zoned, meaning you need to live within a certain radius to attend the school. If you’re interested to know which school zone you’re in – you can check out the Queensland Government school catchment map.

Planning ahead

If you’ve decided on a private school it can pay to register your interest a few years before your child will attend. When choosing a private school early, you’ll able to see just how much you’ll be paying on uniforms and tuition. This can help you set up a budget to pay these costs when they’ll be due in a few years.

Financial figures

It’s important to learn not only the tuition fees, but also factor in uniform costs, stationery, equipment and levies. You’ll be paying these costs regardless of a public or private school. Knowing these figures early helps you to budget for these costs so you won’t be caught off guard.


We’ve got advice on budgeting so you can pay what’s due easier and with less stress. Try out our budget planner or speak to one of our consultants who can help you with an individual plan. We’re available 24/7 over the phone on 1300 912 667.