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RACQ Bank goes digital to help members during COVID-19 outbreak.

RACQ Bank has implemented “virtual home loan meetings” to provide members a safe alternative to face-to-face meetings during the COVID-19 outbreak.

General Manager Sales and Distribution Brad Steele said RACQ Bank had placed the health of staff and members first.

“With the current environment we need to keep our staff and members safe so we’ve found alternative ways to make sure we’re adhering to government guidance around social distancing,” Mr Steele said.

“Through video conferencing, including our virtual home loan meetings, we’re still able to facilitate members’ needs, including complex needs such as home loans,” Mr Steele said.

While RACQ Bank branches remain open, Mr Steele acknowledged members were increasingly turning to digital methods of banking.

“There has been a decrease in foot traffic in branches as people practice self-isolation and social distancing but we’ve seen an increase in members using virtual lending meetings, phone calls and website traffic to take care of their banking needs,” Mr Steele said.

“Our staff are working from home where possible and are doing everything they can to ensure members can still experience the level of service and care they’ve come to expect from RACQ.”

RACQ Bank Mt Gravatt Branch Manager Lance Harding said members had embraced the virtual home loan meetings.

“Members are really taking it in their stride,” Mr Harding said.

“I had a couple come into the branch who had a two-week-old baby - they couldn’t get out of my office and on to the virtual home loan meeting fast enough. 

“They were so grateful that we had a solution in place that could work for their circumstances and people understand why we’re offering an alternative way of doing business.

“It’s about thinking outside the box to achieve the best outcome for members.”

Mr Harding said some members were already experiencing hardship.
“A lot of our members are flight attendants, baggage handlers, restaurant staff or supermarket employees and we can see that things are already getting tight for a number of them,” Mr Harding said.

“We’re asking our members to tell us more about what they’re going through so we can find a way to help that fits their individual circumstance.”

Mr Steele said RACQ Bank was well-placed to continue to assist members. 

“Part of our role is to educate members on their options so we’re actively reaching out to our existing member base to see if there’s anything we can do to help them through this time and to let them know there’s safe ways to do their banking,” he said.