What not to do on flights

Australia’s comparison site, Finder, reveals the most annoying in-flight habits.

Seat kickers, smelly passengers and crying babies are just some of Australia’s most annoying in-flight habits from Finder’s survey about ‘plane truths’. Here are the top five habits to avoid when travelling on an airplane, according to the 2306 respondents who completed the survey.

Kicking the seat in front

More than half of Australian travellers (55%) ranked passengers who constantly kick, grab or bump their seat as the most annoying in-flight habit.  Those who rest their bare feet on the arm rests or flick their hair over the back of their seat were also breaking airplane etiquette rules. For those travellers who find these habits annoying it is recommended to upgrade to premium economy or to choose a seat in an exit row for more space and legroom.

Bad body odour

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a long flight next to a smelly passenger. According to the survey, passengers with bad body odour ranked the second most annoying habit with 54% of Australians frustrated by it. It’s also recommended to avoid ordering smelly foods on a flight as the smell may linger to those around you.

Loud or crying children

Rounding out the top three in-flight hates is crying babies with 38% of respondents finding loud or misbehaved kids annoying on a flight. Try to be respectful and keep your kids’ volume down as much as possible. Organise in-flight entertainment and snacks for them so that they can enjoy a long flight.

Reclining on a short flight

Just because your seat has the ability to recline, doesn’t mean it always has to, especially if it’s only a short trip. More than 30% of respondents ranked reclining your seat on a short flight as annoying, especially during mealtimes. If you do choose to tilt your seat back, make sure you do it slowly and carefully, that way the person sitting behind you doesn’t end up with their drink all over them.

Coughing without covering mouth

The last thing you want is to catch somebodies cold or flu before you start your holiday. Passengers who cough without covering their mouth can really upset other travellers with 25% of respondents ranking this as their pet peeve on planes. Be respectful of those around you and avoid sharing your germs. If you are unwell speak to the flight attendants to arrange different seating options.

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