When should homeowners worry about cracks in the walls?

Sponsored content: Queensland homes are known to be affected by subsidence, due to sandy soils and extreme weather conditions.

Property located near water, such as beach, lake and riverside homes, are often the most affected by foundation problems. Tell-tale signs of subsidence include ‘step cracks’ appearing in walls and floors, driveways sinking and doors or windows cracking and jamming.

Failing to address structural damage can result in safety hazards, significantly devalue your property or require additional costs to rectify foundation damage.

Using traditional underpinning methods to stabilise and strengthen property foundations of subsidised homes can be a costly, invasive and time-consuming exercise.

Mainmark uses some of the most advanced, non-invasive resin injection and grout technologies to quickly correct foundation issues with minimal mess or disruption.
With a sound knowledge of Queensland’s unique conditions, Mainmark utilises Teretek® engineered resin injection to raise, relevel and support the footings under a home.

Teretek® uses a unique, two-in-one solution to deliver both ground improvement and relevelling.  Teretek® is applied like keyhole surgery and most jobs can be completed in a day, reducing the costs associated with traditional underpinning.

For more than 20 years, Mainmark has delivered successful solutions to thousands of homes, helping to find the best solution to treat your problem.

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