World's first coin designed to be donated

Donation Dollar inspires Aussies to support charities

The Royal Australian Mint has released the world’s first Donation Dollar, a $1 coin designed to be donated. 

As part of its annual release program, the mint intends to produce more than 25 million Donation Dollars, one for each Australian. 

Royal Australian Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmid said one in five Australian would require charitable aid over the next 12 months.

“Like any other $1 coin, the cycle of a Donation Dollar is ongoing, as is its potential for positive impact,” Mr MacDiarmid said.

“If every Australian donated a Donation Dollar just once a month, it has the potential to raise an additional $3 million annually for those who need it most. 

“So, with Australia’s support, we believe Donation Dollar has the power to make a real difference.”

A Donation Dollar can be donated wherever cash donations are accepted,  it’s up to the receiver to decide where their coin will make the most impact. 

For example, you can donate it to your charity of choice, a struggling business, or to anyone in need.

The Community Council for Australia Chair Tim Costello said the Donation Dollar project would make a difference for those in need.

“Every one of these coins is a chance to spark new conversations about generosity,” Mr Costello said.

“It might be a small coin, but it will circulate as a constant reminder to give, and that can make a big difference. 

“We are hoping people will ask questions like: who are you giving your donation dollar to; which charities do you already support; is it time to give a little more?”

Each of the Donation Dollars features a green centre with a gold ripple design symbolising the ongoing impact each donation makes to those who need it most. 

More than three million daily reminders to give” have been released into circulation so far.