Wrap it up

Sick of having the same old car colour? Go wild with a vehicle wrap.

Choosing a car colour isn’t easy. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve found the perfect car that ticks all the boxes, except paint colour?

That problem is now a thing of the past. A vehicle wrap applied directly over the pre-existing paintwork is an easy way to change the colour of your vehicle.

Creative Director of Exclusive Wraps Jeff Lin said the colour and pattern of wraps were only limited by the customer’s imagination.

“We can change it to any colour you want,” he said.

There is pretty much no limit to what we can do.

“Best of all, the paint doesn’t get damaged underneath – they’re designed to be semi-permanent, so they can be removed without leaving leftover glue residue.

“There is also a protective clear wrap we use, which goes over the pre-existing paint to protect it from stone chips and deeper scratches.”

Gangsta Wraps Director Matty Frearson said the most popular wraps were matte colours, coloured chrome and camouflage patterns.

“Car wraps are extremely popular with car enthusiasts,” he said.

“We also work with a few car salespeople who send cars over to be wrapped if they don’t have a certain colour in stock or a customer wants a different one.

“It’s such an easy way to modify your car – easy changes like black roof wraps and mirrors can be done quickly and change the cars entire look.

“It won’t compromise the resale value either, as when they go to trade their cars in, the wraps can all be removed.”