Your Birdsville bucket list

Just getting to Birdsville, Queensland’s most remote and renowned town, is quite an achievement.

It means you have travelled 1590km west of Brisbane into the dry, red sandy plains of the Channel Country to find the town at the junction of so many iconic outback roads and tracks.

While it might be tempting to just relax when you arrive in Birdsville, that would mean missing out on lots of fun. This town punches well above its weight when it comes to things to see and do. Here’s five to start off your Birdsville bucket list.

Birdsville’s top five

1. Camel pie at the Birdsville Bakery

Award-winning camel pies are just one of the local treats available at the Birdsville Bakery. Be sure to try their kangaroo and red wine pie too.

2. Champagne toast on the top of Big Red

It is quite an effort to get to the top of the 40-metre-high dune (equal to around a 10-storey building) and best to tackle it in a powerful four-wheel drive vehicle. Once you are there, break out the champagne and celebrate while you watch the sun dip below the red horizon of the 1000 sand dunes of the Simpson Desert.

3. Coldie at the Birdsville Hotel

3. The white-washed sandstone walls of the Birdsville Hotel have been keeping secrets since 1884.  Filled with memorabilia, it is easy to find an Insta-worthy snap, just make sure you only use your phone outside the pub as they are banned inside.

4. Sunrise at Birdsville Billabong

You won’t believe how much birdlife abounds at Birdsville. Sunrise at the billabong is the best place to see them and you will be rewarded by a dawn chorus.

5. Wonder at a Waddi Tree

Just outside Birdsville on the road towards Bedourie on the gibber flat is a patch of rare Waddi Trees, some of up to 1000 years old. These trees are very tough, tough enough to damage your axe and impossible to burn so forget foraging for firewood.


Stay at the famous Birdsville Hotel and toast the Outback sunset atop Big Red on an 11 day adventure with Outback Aussie Tours. For more information visit RACQ Travel or call 1300 096 166.

Image by Tourism and Events Queensland.