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The RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence currently offers premium real-world driver facilities and will also be developed into a world class facility for research, innovation, driver training and testing of connected and autonomous technologies – the first of its kind in Queensland.

At RACQ, we’re pioneering the future of smart mobility solutions. While we remain dedicated to improving the safety of Queensland drivers, vehicles and the roads of today, we understand the world is changing and so too are our transport needs.

New technologies are rapidly evolving, influencing the way people travel and think about mobility. While it is difficult to predict how we will use transport in the future, RACQ is committed to be an active participant in its evolution.

Located in Mount Cotton, Brisbane, the RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence offers a wide range of real-world training and testing environments – including city intersections, off-road terrain, road circuits, large vehicle manoeuvring areas and rural settings which can be configured for a range of scenarios and weather conditions. The Centre will bring together highly skilled minds to tackle the biggest challenges in smart mobility technology – developing transport that is greener, faster and cheaper focusing on safer drivers, in safer vehicles on safer roads.

The RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence vision is to be a globally recognised thought leader and centre of excellence, for the development, testing and transition of technology and systems that promote safe and sustainable transport solutions for all.

The RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence will provide a balance of community and commercial use opportunities, promoting driver safety and best practices. Safety, sustainability and environmental impacts are at the forefront of the Centre, which aims to have a much broader positive impact by reducing crashes, injuries and deaths.

The Centre will also offer state of the art driver training and educational facilities across a wide range of users and high-risk groups, supported by expanded conference and training facilities.

The Centre is founded on three principles of operation

Vision zero

Fostering a safe systems approach to road safety

Proving ground

Facilitating the testing and certification of safety enhancing technologies

Smart mobility

Supporting the development and deployment of research and ideas that contribute to a safer future

Backed by technical expertise, the Centre will grow to offer four key operational streams:


Testing and homologation

Advanced driver assistance systems, vehicle and motorcycle safety, emissions, drones, CAV standards and verification protocols, drones, personal mobility devices.

Engineering services

Product development, after market certification, research and development support, test plan development, specify regulation and certification requirements.

Education and training

Education and training programmes, RACQ school programmes such as DocuDrama and Streets Ahead, conference facilities, community and industry use.

Global partnerships and living labs

Global partnerships with industry, universities and research organisations, agglomeration and co-location of future mobility enterprises, technology development and commercialisation, garaging and leasing options, industry clusters and idea incubation, early stage testing, computing and cloud data management.

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Conveniently located in the Brisbane metropolitan area, only 45 minutes from the Brisbane airport the Centre is spread across almost 45 hectares and features six purpose built driving zones as well as garaging, office, event and training facilities.

Discover the Mobility Centre of Excellence site plan.

For facilities bookings and queries, contact us today:

Domestic phone: 1300 479 755

International phone: +61 7 3822 0033


Address: 1753-1799 Mt Cotton Road, Cornubia, QLD, 4130