Five reasons why you should switch to digital

RACQ members can now read The Road Ahead magazine online instead of in print.

RACQ’s bi-monthly member magazine, The Road Ahead, has been delivered to members statewide since 1940.

As technology evolves, so too does the magazine with a new digital Road Ahead now available. 

RACQ Publishing’s 2018 readership survey showed that 60% of members aged 18-24 and 52.8% of members aged 25-34 were most interested in switching to digital. .

Last year, RACQ launched a new and improved digital Road Ahead with mobile responsive design, faster load times, improved navigation, social media sharing capability and a flipbook format.

If that’s not enough, here are five more reasons why you should consider making the switch.

Digital Road Ahead on PC

Reduce the use of paper

RACQ is passionate about the environment and is continuously researching new ways to print and distribute the magazine to members economically.

Read it anytime, anywhere

According to readership survey, 25.3% of members simply do not have enough time to read the magazine, with most readers forced to skim the articles. The beauty of the digital Road Ahead is you can save the hidden URL to the home screen on your device and have access to the magazine anytime while you are on-the-go. So next time you are catching public transport, waiting for your coffee to brewed or chillaxing on the couch – you can skim the latest lifestyle news in the palm of your hand. 

Access to exclusive content

In the world of publishing, news can break at any time. That’s why we have given members who have the digital Road Ahead exclusive access to additional lifestyle news, videos and images. Our journalists have rewritten the articles from the magazine in a digital format so that you can skim read, on-the-go and keep up to the date with the latest lifestyle news.

We have also recruited renowned freelance journalists to offer more for members, with Queensland journalist Mike O’Connor writing an opinion piece each month called Mike’s View. There are additional lifestyle articles in News and Entertainment and extended articles from the magazine if you want to read more.

Better navigation to discounts and competitions

The digital Road Ahead will connect you to discounts, products, competitions and external sites at the click of a button. No need to try and type in the URL featured at the bottom of an article – the digital publication will instantly link you to the information you need and the savings you want.

Access to previous editions of The Road Ahead

Something special about the digital Road Ahead, which members may not know, is that it also provides access to The Road Ahead articles dating back to 2014. Simply by opening TRA Flipbook from the menu bar, members can use the search function to explore articles from 2014 in The Road Ahead. Once you start searching you won’t want to stop reading.

To subscribe to the digital Road Ahead, email your RACQ membership card number to, log into your account or register online.