RACQ property assessor speaks about working through the 2022 flood catastrophe


When our property assessor, Rani Styles, saw the weather forecast and looked outside her window she knew deep down that we were going to be struck by another natural disaster.

Rani Styles property assessor profile April 2022
A disaster much worse than the 2011 floods.  

Having worked with us as a motoring and home claims specialist since 2008, Rani has seen and heard firsthand the devastation storms can have on Queensland communities. 

Now, working as a property assessor, she is travelling to members’ homes to inspect the damage following the recent flood event. 

“I was with RACQ when the 2011 floods happened, and this flood was so much worse,” Ms Styles said.

“Some homes have been damaged by ankle deep water, others had water a metre high through their property.

“Either way this kind of damage is devastating for the member because it’s their home. 

“One of the things I love most about my job is that I can help in these times of need. 

“If I go out to a property and realise a family needs assistance I can help to find them temporary accommodation and supply an emergency payment to buy necessities such as clothes or food. 

“When I attend a home, usually the member is distraught, but by the time I leave you can tell they are relieved we could be there and help them get back on their feet. 

“That’s what I love the most.”

Rani was one of the 300 staff members who put their hand up to work additional hours to help lodge the more than 14,000 insurance claims received from the event.

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