Pets and hot cars a deadly combination

As temperatures soar, disturbing new RACQ data has revealed an average of two pets are rescued from locked cars every day in Queensland.
Dog stuck in car

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RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Club’s Roadside Assistance patrols had rescued 859 animals from hot cars in the past 12 months and it was concerning in the lead up to summer.

“It’s simply too dangerous to leave your four-legged friend in the car, particularly in spring and summer, when temperatures can climb quickly,” Ms Ross said.

“Contrary to popular belief, parking in the shade and with your windows down doesn’t make much difference to the temperature inside your car.

“Animals can’t cool themselves in intense heat so it’s up to owners to behave responsibly and protect their fur babies.”

Ms Ross said the State Government’s recent announcement it would consider upping fines and even jail time under revised animal cruelty laws, was an important step forward.

“It shouldn’t be necessary to threaten owners with heavy fines for what should be common sense but, if helps protect innocent animals from harm, then that’s good news,” she said.

“It’s pretty simple: if you wouldn’t leave your child in the car then don’t leave your pet either.”

Location Number of calls for pets locked in cars

 Brisbane 260 
 Sunshine Coast 101
 Gold Coast 86
 Darling Downs  51
 Wide Bay  50
 Townsville 31
 Rockhampton - Gladstone 25
Cairns  23
 Mackay 12


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