Don't drunkenly walk into danger: RACQ

RACQ has pleaded with Queenslanders to avoid walking home drunk this New Year’s Eve after shocking figures revealed 32 pedestrians were killed and 153 were hospitalised with serious injuries during 2020.
pedestrian on road at night

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said Department of Transport and Main Roads data revealed alcohol was a factor in around 30 percent of pedestrian deaths. 

“Almost one third of pedestrians killed on our roads have a blood alcohol reading of 0.05, which is a sobering thought,” Ms Hunter said.

“With many Queenslanders planning to bid farewell to 2020 with a bang, we’re asking you to party sensibly this New Year’s Eve – and that extends further than simply avoiding drink driving.

“Many people consider walking home drunk to be a safer alternative, but it can still be extremely dangerous. 

“We see similar risks in boozed pedestrians to drunk drivers. The more alcohol they’ve had, the higher the chance they’ll be struck by a car and seriously hurt or killed.

“Alcohol impairs decision-making skills, balance, co-ordination and reaction times which are all necessary to cross the road safely.” 

Ms Hunter urged partygoers to make a plan now to get themselves and their friends home safely on New Year’s Eve. 

“This year we all might be a little out of practice partying safely, so a reminder - if you’re going to have a few drinks put the effort in now to plan a way home and check in on your mates to make sure they do the same,” she said. 

“Book a taxi or rideshare in advance with a pick-up location where you don’t have to cross a road, map out a public transport route nearby or organise to stay at a friend’s place.

“A little bit of planning now could save your life or your mates and we want to see all Queenslanders make it to 2021.”

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