North Queensland needs real commitment on roads

The State’s peak motoring body has released its election wish list for north Queensland ahead of 31 October, putting major highway investment and flood immunity upgrades at the top.

The Club called for commitments to upgrades to the Gregory Developmental Road, the Hann Highway and the Flinders Highway.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said with the country in recession, an investment in infrastructure and road safety works solved more than just our economic woes. 

“Now more than ever we need a pipeline of projects in the works to stimulate our economy, improve road safety and ultimately improve the lives of Queenslanders,” Dr Michael said. 

“Continuing work on the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program is essential, but the Gregory Developmental Road and the Flinders Highway also desperately need safety works, including bridge and flood immunity improvements.

“It’s important locals have a reliable alternative for when the Bruce Highway floods during the wet season.” 

Dr Michael said candidates should also commit to completing dual lane sealing of the Hann Highway. 

“This route is important to freight and tourism so the road needs to be up to the task. The completion of a dual lane seal will mean a safer road for the thousands of trucks and other vehicles who travel on it each year,” she said. 

Dr Michael said RACQ would also like to see increased funding commitments for an inland road and freight productivity upgrade program, safe cycling infrastructure and road safety initiatives including a mass action program of low-cost, high benefit safety upgrades across the State to achieve a minimum 30 percent reduction in fatal and serious injuries by 2030. 

“We’ve lost too many lives on the State’s roads this year already. Small investments into works like wide centre lines, central and roadside safety barriers and intersection upgrades go a long way to helping make our roads safer for all Queenslanders,” she said. 

“Queenslanders need to ensure they’re considering where their political vote goes and whether their candidate is willing to commit to improve Queenslanders’ lives and mobility options.” 

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