Mackay drivers see red over congested roads

Drivers fed up with traffic congestion have named and shamed more than 400 of Queensland’s worst roads for unnecessary delays with Mackay routes earning poor report cards.
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RACQ received almost 2,000 nominations for locations where drivers experienced frustrating gridlock as part of the Club’s annual Red Spot Congestion survey. 

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said Mackay Bucasia Road, Glenpark Street and the Peak Downs Highway were the most troublesome locations identified by Mackay locals.

“We put the call out to drivers, who are in the best position to identify problem spots, to help us locate the roads which were constantly causing them headaches behind the wheel,” Dr Michael said. 

“We’ve seen Mackay Bucasia Road and Glenpark Street regularly complained about by locals for having congestion, especially during peak hour times, caused by large traffic volumes accessing the northern beaches area.

“For the Peak Down Highways, poor road conditions and heavy vehicles lead to delays for motorists. The Eton Range realignment and Walkerston Bypass have now been funded, but more safety works including overtaking lanes are still needed.”

Dr Michael said the survey results would be made available to all levels of government and would be used by the Club to lobby for funding and improvements. 

“It’s clear congestion is an issue that really grinds our gears and costs us time and lost productivity, especially now that we’re returning to more frequent travel following last year’s COVID-19 lockdown,” she said.

“We’ll use this information to guide our policy and to lobby all tiers of government for solutions to bottlenecked areas.”

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